Founder And Board Members



IIT Alumnus

Rajat Kumar is an IIT alumnus, he has worked with some of country’s leading conglomerates including the Tata Group in his early career. Later he quit Tata group and started his stint in the Education industry. Motivated by his entrepreneurial aspiration he Co-founded TUK TUK in 2014, an auto hailing app & TRIGYA (a highly regarded educational institution that prepares and grooms future in Banking & Finance sector)in 2015. In a short span of time, owing to its to excellence in the training, Tathagat became one of the leading and most trusted MBA test preparation brands in the industry.

His progressive thinking and entrepreneurial acumen make him unique and different from the masses. As a result he has gained a lot of respect and a reputation of a trustworthy and strong leader in the education industry. Needless to say he never compromises with quality and is focused towards delivering excellence in education, therefore ensuring that students of TATHAGAT achieve the best in their career.


Kumar Abhishek

Expertise Verbal

His acerbic wit, unmatched panache and extraordinary hold on the English Language make his classes an unforgettable experience and students his lifelong admirers. He is a stalwart of the industry, a terror for the slackers and a groundbreaker in his own right.